Thursday, March 06, 2008


I don't have photos, but congratulations are in order for some special people. First, my nephew and his wife are expecting a baby! They found out the other day and everyone is riding on cloud nine! I'm so excited. That may just mean another trip to Florida in a few months! I did their wedding last November and some of those photos can be found in my blog archives and my Web site.

And, another young couple that I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing last summer just brought their new one into the world. Welcome E.! I shot a photo of them during their family reunion and it was so cute. You can see it on my main site:, it's on the portrait side under bellies and babies. It was their 'first maternity' shot! Great grandma (Dottie) sent me some wonderful photos of the event and she is definitely a little beauty. Good job mom and dad!

well that is all for right now. Maybe we will get snow today and I'll have some photos to share. And post a comment so I know I still have a fan or two! Hah!

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