Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol and the Navy

So Carly ended up in the bottom three. I tell you why I think that happened! It was that horrible top she was wearing during her performance. The thing was ghastly and I've seen 'mumus' that looked better. Seriously. And I know she can sing, but I've not liked most of her song choices. Time will tell. Too bad Amanda went home. Really, Ramiele and JCastro should have been in that spot of the bottom two, with R. headed out first. That's only my opinion, but anyone who knows me, knows I'm right! hah!
Other than that, I enjoyed the show, but Kellie Pickler sounded a bit too twangy tonight. In getting past that, I use myspace a lot to listen to artists. So, I look for Michael Johns but didn't find anything. Well, I didn't think I did. Start listening to a band called Film, turns out it's his band from Atlanta. Totally awesome! He definitely needs to be in for awhile. My favorites are him, David Cook, Brooke and I'm hoping Carly gets to the top four. Every year I've gotten the top 3 right, and sometimes the top four. We'll see this year.
Oh did you catch the clip of Elliot (isn't he awesome! his music is so true) but he's so genuine, along with Fantasia. She still is one of the all time great AIs!

Oh and remember Phil Stacey? He's from Oklahoma and I just learned he's got a new album coming out. About time! He's got a great voice. Speaking of the Navy, congratulations? to Chad Davis on reenlisting! His wife, Christy, sent me an email with his photo of the reenlistment ceremony this morning. It was nice. I did their photos a few times when they were here, they transferred to one of my favorite places, Jacksonville, Florida! Chad was a recruiter here and even though my youngest son did not join up, Chad had a very positive effect on him. I hope all goes well for you Chad -- how many more years now?!!
So, I did not have a photo of the Davis family on my system, I substituted a photo I shot in 2006 of the flag that flew on the USS Missouri. The veterans who raised the flag for the ceremony (Marlow) shared that bit of history with me. I felt it is appropriate for this post.

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