Tuesday, March 25, 2008

eyeglasses and vintage gumball machines

So, you're looking for the eyeglasses? None in this post. I don't even wear any, but I had these photos of vintage gumball machines and this one machine shows it use to be a fundraising machine for the Lions which brought to mind the organization efforts for eyeglasses.
All across the country and even on an international effort to provide eyeglasses for children and others who can't afford them. They do vision testing in elementary schools on an annual basis and the eyeglasses they collect are sent overseas to third world countries.
In America, they provide new glasses and scholarships. They also provide mobile health units for general screenings from vision to blood pressure in communities of all sizes.
If you are looking for a great civic group to join in your area, the Lions are a good choice. All they ask in return is minor volunteer work in their projects that help raise funds for many efforts. If you can't join, at least support their cause by attending one of their many functions (like a pancake supper!).
Thanks for reading and if you are a Lions member, post a comment and represent your group! While I was editor of the Waurika News-Democrat in southern Oklahoma, I participated in that Lions group. For it being such a small community, they sure were active! In fact, I think the smaller, rural communities have stronger support. Probably because they enjoy a much simpler life. Something we all need more of.

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