Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol and mushrooms

OK, now if that doesn't get some attention, feedback, something, oh well ....
My favorites tonight were David Cook, always! Carly and Amanda and Brooke. But the person I really enjoyed watching was Chikezie. Wow, what a dynamite performance! I was a tad disappointed in Michael Johns performance and really disappointed in Kristy Cook's performance. And I really think she's good, same with David Hernandez. Now, the rest of them, they can all go home tonight. That's right, even little Mr. Archuleta. He blew it for sure. He missed the lyrics, not once, not even twice, but three times and you know how that goes, 3 strikes, you're out!
OH, I know, everyone thinks he is worthy of the top 3 spot. I am not so quick to agree.

Mushrooms ... I shot these photos the other night while cooking up a great dinner of chicken breasts with a Shiraz cream sauce, red onions and of course, the mushrooms. Yummy! I didn't do any post processing on these images and the only reason I wanted to post them is so I could point you in the direction of a new foodie/photographer blog I have discovered. It began with a night of enjoying the great photos of Jenifer Altman. From there, I ended up at Matt Armendariz' photography site. One of my high school friends had same last name, so I let him know I liked his photos and the nice memory jog. He wrote back and gave me a link to his food blog. Wow! You have to visit his blog! Not only are the photographs beautiful, his writing is so open, pure and fun to read. And, his archives will keep you from being bored.
So, if you visit him, be sure to post a comment over there and come back here and post letting me know if you liked it! I'm really trying to be a better blogger and get back into writing. I haven't been inspired to write since my mom's death now for three years. Oh, sure I've done some stories at work, and of course this blog, but kind of lacked any direction or inspiration.
But the past few weeks, I've been blog browsing and coming across some great writing, combined with photos, of course. www.mattbites.typepad.com is one of those fun places to visit online.
I'm adding the link to the permanent list here. Hope you enjoy! Oh and here's a link to an online magazine article featuring Matt, nice magazine!

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Kara May said...

Love American Idol - love this post :)