Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black and White tree fungi

Here's some fabulous tree fungi I found while doing a shoot for a magazine featuring influential people in October. This was in the backyard of Ed and Betty Apple. A beautiful garden with all these wonderful gifts offered by years of nurturing and nature. Ed will be on the cover of the magazine, Influence, a small product our newspaper has launched. It's the second issue and I did the photography. Usually I'm the one doing the feature writing, so it was fun to get to break away from that.
I must admit, I think my images could have been much better of Ed, but considering several 'hurried' factors, they are OK. Ed is a former Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner. I had the pleasure of interviewing and writing a feature on him some years ago when he retired. His wife, Betty, is a nurse who really embodies the caring spirit.
It was worth it this time though not to be the writer, just to be able to find the hidden treasures like this tree fungi. Ed pulled out some photos from more than 30 years ago, I believe, showing the bareness of their yard when they first purchased the home and property. Children and grandchildren later, the yard has all these little things around it that show the work and love of a family.

I was inspired to finally post these images after visiting a beautiful blog tonight, Springtree Road at typepad. All this lovely black and white imagery and nice writings. Plus she includes lots of links in her writings to other blogs featuring black and white photographs. Ummmm..so, is it a photograph if it is online? Or is it imagery? I think it's imagery until you actually print it, then it becomes the photograph. Share your thoughts! I've also included a color/texture version for my fans!
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maya said...

toni, these are exceptionally beautiful. :)