Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged, finally for you know who...

Shoot, trying AGAIN! So I knew I'd screw up trying to do this tag thing, geez thanks Daphne! haha! I had a post then when to link as required by said tag, ummhumm, and lost my post! Very funny! But anyway, here's my lame attempt at reply to last month's friendly tag:
7 random/weird facts of self:

7. The newspaper where I work once did a huge feature on my art journals/altered books. Weird since photography and writing are more my passions and what I am known for, yet, everyone thought my altered books were so awesome. They even had them on display at the public library for a month and I taught a class to sixth-graders about altered books. This was a few years ago. I haven't done much with them since! is on presidents, the odd/crazy things, like Bill Clinton...ummm. I should update it with Election 2008 stuff, but I didn't save any headlines or anything from papers for it.

6. I collect comic strips related to photography. One of my favorite is laminated and on my inspiration board by my desk at home: It's an old Adam strip by Brian Bassett, the strip is dark except for two word blurbs: Ahha, a Kodak moment (in one) and the other says "aarggh, my lens is all fogged up!" I have no idea how many years that I've had it now.

5. My mother was an accomplished musician. I don't play a single instrument. Not that she didn't try to teach me! She finally gave up when she realized I was a better writer than piano player.

4. I love the thrill of adventure/sports, like motocross, drag races, etc...yet I never get to go to these events!

3. When I was a kid, I just KNEW that I would be a marine biologist or something like that. I was fascinated by ocean life. The other things I just KNEW were that I would travel to a Holy Land country or war torn one (so pick, sometimes they're the same these days) on a photographic spiritual mission/journey. Haven't done that either YET! And of course, toss in some archaeology (photographically speaking). Actually, photography has always been in the cards. And that desire for seeking out the unknown. A nosy nature.

2. For years I had a recurring dream of maybe driving up high and looking down upon a city on the side of a hill, lots of white homes and red roofs, the kind with the curved slate.

1. I love Hitchcock movies.

OK, I really had to stretch on this and then it just came quickly and I didn't even think after I started typing. I don't know that the things are so weird.

So, who to tag? Kristin at;; Claudia (must find correct link to your blog!) and a few more that I'll come back and add. See, I'm just not good at this tagging stuff. I don't want to tag someone that obviously isn't into tagging, but I did have fun Daphne!

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