Monday, November 10, 2008

Corners in my kitchen or Bluebirds of Happiness

So, I've been trying to get to sleep for more than an hour, finally gave up. Cripes, it's 3:30 a.m. and work comes pretty fast in the morning, so my Monday will be sure to be miserable. ha! Most Mondays are just because I've been home all weekend and enjoying my life, my family and right now a glass of bad Chablis. I was a cheapskate Friday at the 'beverage' store. Bought 3 bottles of cheap wine instead of one good one like I normally would. Course, Riunite is always good in a pinch. But I bought some Paul Masson chablis. Probably would be better if I had some chicken and it was 100 plus degrees outside.
But, this time of the morning in the cold weather, ack. Oh well maybe it will help my mind quit racing around in circles so that I can go to sleep.

Being totally bored, I started looking through old photo files and found some I shot and just don't have the heart to do anything to them but enjoy them for the sake of just memories.
the fake pears are nothing more than decoration, but I love to collect wine corks. It's getting harder to find real cork these days. I also enjoy collecting game items, thus the jar of dominos in an old mason jar.
the plant is one my oldest son gave me this last Mother's Day. He always gives me a plant, indoor or outdoor, for Mom's day!
The red vase is just one I found. Not long after I met my mother-in-law oh so many years ago, rest her soul, she told me you should have a piece of red glass in your home for good luck and prosperity!
And the bluebirds of happiness are my very favorite. I bought the first one in Arkansas when my oldest son was a baby. The second one I got when my husband and I and our boys visited the place where those are actually made. (Oh wow, it's raining!)
Anyway, the Bluebird Showroom at Terra Studios outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas, is so awesome.
I have a cool photo of my youngest son sitting in the gazebo there that is lined with hundreds of bluebirds! The light reflecting is so beautiful, but my photo doesn't do it or my son any justice.

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