Saturday, November 01, 2008

Take a Lawn Chair, Go and Vote!

Added edit: Came back to add something I feel is extremely important. I was having a private conversation today while at the polling place and someone took it upon themselves to eavesdrop and now other issues are arising from what was an innocent conversation. And it's because of this election. I just hope that people who have the 'power' do not abuse that power. Like I said, it was a private conversation.
I went and did in-person absentee voting this morning since I won't have time to vote Tuesday. There was a line and since the 'polls' opened yesterday here, there have been more than 1,000 voters in Stephens County cast their picks. I was 947.
Here's a few pictures I shot while down there.

But, make sure you are solid with your decisions. The past few days I've been having some second thoughts about a particular person/race at the local level. I finally went with the person that I've been a supporter of from day one. Well, no sooner did I do that and then saw an old friend down there, I found out something about that person that made me wished I could recast my ballot. I knew I should have went with my gut on that one.

Live and learn. Today was also the first time that I stood at the polling booth and prayed before casting my vote for the presidential race. I've been so torn/undecided in this election. But I feel good about my vote!

Be prepared wherever you live, to stand in line. If you give up, PLEASE go back. Don't let it be for nothing. Those of you with disabilities or who are older and can't stand for long periods, take a LAWN CHAIR! Just go vote!!

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