Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas hats, silver ornaments and one cute baby!

From here on out, you will see a ton of Christmas images. It's December, so why not?! This, as most of my sessions with little MM go since she lives with us, was impromptu. When she came toddling in, in this new red outfit, with scarf and all, I knew it was time to shoot some photos! I created this top one with a lot of elements I have. I think I did pretty good considering I don't do much digital scrapbooking!
Silver ornament fun and a twinkle of snowflakes

And these images are priceless! It started when she picked up the ornament ball in her feet, center shot, with no prompting, then kept on! As for the hats, she does not like hats, so to get this many shots with some Christmas fashion for the head, whoohoo!
She loves her red suit!
Now, the trick is to get all three of my grandchildren in one session. Tricky, but I'm going to try!


flip flops and pearls said...


What a doll baby!

september the model said...

i love them this s is september from the parie hous and i whas wanting to know if your goin to put the pics up on here you toke of me ? reply i have a account my user name is september the model ok well chatt to ya later