Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great finds!

This is a 'double post'...I'll be back later today to post some really great ideas with links to fun photos if you still are looking for clever kid photos for your Christmas cards!
Friday I visited our local Goodwill store which I hadn't done in a long while. Well, it was definitely my day! I picked up a ton of fantastic items, mostly really cool second hand toys! All were about 99 cents, so that was even better. But the best thing I found was this robot for $3.99. I bought my boys robots when they were little along with some fantastically huge dinosaurs. Somehow though when we moved to Oklahoma, the entire bin of those items never made it. That was 11 years ago. Now my boys are grown with children of their own. The babies are still young enough that getting good used toys for Christmas won't matter. I'm fairly picky about what I get for them, but I made a good haul this time.
Back to the robot. So, I get it home and my youngest son starts digging around in the sack like a kid again, which was really enjoyable to watch. He finds the dinos and spies the robot. Next thing you know, this robot is walking, talking, swiveling, flashing lights. The darn thing works!!! I snapped a couple pictures with my tree in the background. I need to remove my backdrop from behind the tree and finish decorating. Every time I put shatterproof ornaments on it, my granddaughter, the busy little bee that she is, helps take them off and replaces them! Cute!

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Fifi Flowers said...

Nothing better than GREAT finds! I love the 99cent store for stocking stuffers! That reminds me that I better get out shopping soon!