Monday, December 08, 2008

Days of Christmas!

I just had a hard time posting again so soon after the last one! MM is just so cute! Can't wait to get my new grandson in his little red striped pants (Old Navy) with a stocking hat! Should have done that today=Sunday, but was trying to keep from being more sick. I'm still feeling icky, but must go to work today=Monday..blah...I never hardly sleep Sunday nights before work. It's horrible going to work so tired. Been this way for years!
Vintage Kitchen holiday
Anyway, here's the start of my Days of Christmas. These were shot at the Prairie House, a beautiful restored home in the historic district here. They hosted a candlelight tour this weekend and I did photos for it on the first day, but had to beg off day two because I felt horrible. Everything aches and I think I've pinched a nerve in my back.

The Prairie House is open for holiday tours and worth seeing. We did Santa photos and Santa wore white. I'm holding off posting those since it was a fundraiser and so those need to be purchased from the PH committee. I donated my services and was happy to do so. Every room had a tree in it! And I didn't even photograph them all!
Festive chandelier

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I just love the idea of ornaments hanging from the chandelier! What a great idea.s