Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Matthew! and check out this video

So I must be the last person to ever see this video by Casting Crowns, Does Anybody Hear Her. But my nephew, only my favorite nephew in the entire world, finally sent me the link to his user page on godtube so I could see some darling pictures of his new little baby boy and he is just the cutest ever. I'll post some I snagged from his page in a moment (I can do that just because I'm his auntie and only his favorite photographer in the world, though I did not shoot these. I'm sure someone in the family did, like baby's mommy, Laurie!!!)
But I can't embed the video, try as I might to find an embed code, all I could find was the URL to youtube. But this video, stinking thing, made me cry! Boy, that could have been me years ago. That's exactly the way I felt - kind of invisible - especially around "church-going types" yet I was raised with all intents of going to church on Sundays, etc...but this video, wow, just awesome.
OK, so today is Monday, not Sunday, but that's my spiritual post for the week. Now for some darling pics.

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