Sunday, April 05, 2009

debated post

I enjoy watching various youtube videos ... photography, music, just misc. stuff in general. today I clicked on one for a duo. great voices. thought i'd like the clean look of the video, black and white. no. it was awful. it was chester french's 'she loves everybody'
What in the world are we teaching our younger society. that it's normal to get beat up? i'm really appalled at this video after the recent rihanna/chris brown incident and now we have the tables turned showing that it's okay for a girl to beat up a guy. look, it's not okay. violence is not okay. young girls should not be slugging guys and they also should not stay in a relationship where they are getting smacked around. music has the ability to offer such powerful messages and then to see young people exploited through their talents in such a negative manner just irritates me. oh and let's not forget the other more subliminal message this video sends. that it's OK to have sex with 'everybody' as long as he uses protection. whoa. and everybody was shocked to learn that oklahoma's teenage syphillis rates are soaring. no wonder. this is a post that could go on and on. i don't intend to do that. i think i made my point. parents, it's probably a good video to sit down and discuss with your kids. discussion being the key component here. listen to what they have to say about the video. are they taking it serious? hear their thoughts, don't make them just listen to you. a good relationship with your children, 8 or 15 is to let them talk. you might learn something about your child and you might help them keep from making mistakes as obvious as those in that video.

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