Sunday, April 05, 2009

last minute seniors!

I've noticed that seniors around here tend to wait until April to get their photos done and then they want them like asap. well, it just so happens that I will have some available time to do location shoots in April and even May. If you are interested, just post a comment or shoot me an email. You might have to visit my site to use the contact page to do so (tonihopperphotography).
Remember also, April is windy. Last year I had a girl that had to reschedule three times in two weeks. She was from the city and even on the day of her shoot we wondered about the weather. That's Morgan above from last year. I freshened up the image for a repost in case you remember the original one from last year.
You just have to remember to have fun!


Laura said...

What a wonderful and relaxed picture! I am sure you hear this all the time, but I wish you could have taken my senior picture. Imagine big hair, blue sweater with pearls and cut off jean shorts. thanx Orange County lol.

Toni said...

Oh Laura, what a beautiful thing to say! And yes, I can picture that outfit! Isn't it funny what we wore is coming back around. Even big hair these days. I love doing senior photography!