Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You're only a senior once!

Uh oh, did you forget to schedule a senior photo session? Now you are panicking knowing that you need some fresh wallets to put in your announcements! Guess what? There is still time. Yet each day that you put it off you lose the chance to capture who you are as an individual and senior just before that big graduation day!
Oh, so you took photos last summer or fall did you? Ummm...really, admit it ... you've grown and changed a lot since then. Do you really want your friends to remember you from back then?
OK< good, now that issue has been me ... e-mail me, post a comment here ... something! Time for some fun! Weekends, every other Wednesday and some evenings are available.
Visit my website for a look at more fun senior photos! Click on the photo to the right at the top.

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