Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Look!

I've been working on a few things today. My web site is one of them. I love red and aqua, so that's what I went with for my splash page. I had it in pink, but not really a pink person, so red was better. While I liked the black background with the yellow, I just wanted something fresher, cleaner and like the simplicity of white. I also was torn with using the title of my blog in my cover or going with attitude.expression.laughter. Three words I put on my business cards a lot. Thoughts?!

I also updated my blog banner, something I do every few weeks, so that photo was also updated on my splash page. I had a photo of little MM from the car show, but decided to use a senior shot instead since that is where I am pushing my marketing these days. I feel like this morning has been productive. Rainy days will do that.
Now off to start another project -- well finish it really.

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