Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Here in Oklahoma it is a dreary day. Noon and it feels like a winter morning as gray as it is. It rained most of the night. That is a good thing being that fires popped back up again yesterday around Velma and pushed the smoke into Duncan. The lightning though was fierce. I was glad that I got M's photo shoot out of the way yesterday.

We hurried, which meant M's bangs were not bouncy since she just got out of the bath. Her bangs are never bouncy right after shampoo! And we've finally given up on bows. She doesn't like them. We'd put it in and she'd pull on it to take it out. So the bow photos are a bit lopsided.

She really wasn't into it, but her mom and I still had loads of fun. I always find the best places to photograph at and this was no exception. I did pick the wrong time of the day, but that was circumstances out of my control. When I noticed the smoke flaring up east of the city I knew we'd have to push it ahead a couple hours. So our original idea was put on the shelf for another day.

I've been wanting a photo of her on old brick steps and finally got it. I may reshoot it again this summer.

And I just love this one. So spring-like and you can tell she was beginning to have fun. That little hint of a smile and her plopped in the green grass just screams childhood memories!

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One Love Photo said...

oh what a cutie. Love the corrections on these and how you played with the colors in her dress!