Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ah-hoy Mateys! A contest!

Only friendly pirates abound on these here waters. So, you're thinking, what the heck is she drinking tonight?! Nothing.

I did this last night after reading a few more chapters in The Judas Strain, which does have pirates in it. I shot this photo in 2006 and just let it sit in my files. Last night as I was going through the photos from my trip to Florida, I saw this and thought, well why haven't I ever textured and artsy-phartsied this up?!
I shot this on a 'drive by' as my sister and I were rambling about. I think it was a putt putt golf course.
It's going in my etsy shop and will be available for sale there in a few days.
Now for the contest portion. If you want an 8x8 of this image, you have to follow two steps. One is visit etsy and then come back here and share a comment about your favorite photographer you found over there. It can't be me, that's rule 1.
The second part is to get one of your blog followers to come and post a comment if they enjoy my blog. They have to be a new blog follower. That's it!
I will put the names in a treasure chest and let little Miss MM draw out the winner this weekend. (I better get my video camera working, so I can record it for the blog!)
And for the western fans, I decided I would post a few images each weekend.

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