Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ma'am, excuse me, but I'm a pretty big Christian ...

Says the young cowboy who definitely impressed me with his attitude at the Miniature Bucking Bull Breeders of America (http:/, World Finals event held this weekend in Duncan at the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center.

I didn't know about it until Saturday afternoon, so I stopped what I was doing just to go to the event. I've not ever been to a mini bull youth event before. The boys were ages 7-14, from throughout the Midwest - Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma, probably a few other places too. Iowa, I think.
This young man, Clayton, definitely has the cowboy spirit. I normally don't do prayer shots, but this moment called for it. Kent Kerschner, "Foto Cowboy" says he's known Clay since he was a toddler and the young boy is quite a good kid. I also had a chance to visit with Kent and really enjoyed talking with him "when he wasn't working!" He pretty much lives on the road, he says. (Added after original post: I just discovered that Kent is the president of the Association of Professional Rodeo Photographers, visit

There were a few times during this event, that were filled with heartpounding moments when the riders got hung up and the bullfighters did their job. I just couldn't bring myself to shoot the hangups as I was holding my breath.

Omar Martinez cashed out fairly well also. Here he is sharing his experience right after a ride with his fellow competitors.
If this event had been advertised more locally, I'm sure the place would have been packed. It was definitely worth an evening out. Congratulations to all the young cowboys.


flip flops and pearls said...

Oh wow T....awesome work Friend!

That first image brought me to tears.....
what an awesome Lil Cowboy!

Toni said...

"Hey Clayton's mom - you didn't post an email or your name, so I couldn't get back to you." I posted your comment without your personal mailing address! Please e-mail me again. Toni-

This is Clayton's mom that is a wonderful article that you wrote and I love the pictures. I was wondering if I could get copies of these pictures so I can put them in his scrapbook of rodeo events. Clayton is only 10 years old and he is like a little adult and seems to impress someone no matter where he goes. Today I had a cashier at Orschlens in McPherson Kansas make a comment about how polite and well mannered my child was. Thanks Clayton's Mom