Monday, June 29, 2009

He's a champion!

Omar Martinez of Joshua, Texas is the 2009 World Champion of Miniature Bucking Bulls. He's got spirit, that's for sure. I posted a photo a few 'blogs' ago showing him sharing his ride experience. (Be sure to see the youtube video below that I found online. It tells a bit about why these kids do this).
The photos I shot are available to buy. Click the photo at the right and it will link you over to the shopping gallery. I have priced the photos extremely low since my intention was not to go and shoot this to sell, but I have been getting requests for them. Please understand, I can't afford to go and print images and mail them to everyone who is emailing me. The cost of the photos will help me offset the cost of my shopping site and the time I took to upload them. The images are mailed directly from the lab to you.

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