Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flickr addiction...what it really is good for...

How many flickr groups do you belong to? I'm horrified to admit, that earlier tonight it was at 273, now it's down to 269. And I'm sure I'll find five more this week to join. I discovered that if I haven't looked at a group, or it hasn't had any new items added, I'm deleting it.
I love the groups mostly because it feeds my creativity. When I'm feeling in a funk, I can enjoy at a glance many great images and also get the inspiration to go out and try to shoot something new or in a different way.
Also, I've found that flickr is a great way to bribe my granddaughter to sit still for a few moments! She's approaching that constant flow of energy 2 year olds seem to have. But if I pull up a group with a lot of images, like CATS, or DOGS, or HORSES/cows, she'll sit there and watch the slideshow run and just talk and carry on! It's fun and at the same time, she's learning, colors, objects, etc...
As for me, I can't say there is any one flickr group that is my absolute most favorite, though I love Shutter Sisters and any of the nature groups. I also enjoy the storm groups and anything that shows off our country's vast landscapes and fading past.

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