Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hey Margie!

This vintage flag with only 48 stars I think is around $75, what a buy!
Italian plastic molded chairs. It said the black one is sold.
A vintage movie poster featuring the now deceased Farrah Fawcett.
I'm a sucker for green vases, this one is beautiful.
More vases. Very fresh color!
This is NOT ikea! I just found this online and thought of you and your recent trip to Ikea. Lots of fun things and not priced bad either. But, always remember to check your own local junk, antique, thrift, goodwill stores to see if they have something comparable. Besides you boost your local economy that way.
But go look at this is not ikea (dot) com..I think you can click on my post title and it'll link over. Here's some neat things, including a Farrah Fawcett movie poster.
Oh and Margie ...neener,neener, I got a "new chair" too...I'll post pic later! I've given fair warning to my family to stay out of my chair!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you are too funny! Are you by chance talking about my recent trip to IKEA? I'm with you I'd much rather first by vintage, but sometimes I'm too impatient to find it. And omgoodness, love, love!! Cool, thanks for the link, I'm off to look some more!
~Claudia :)