Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to buy my photos!

This is just a quick overview for those who want to buy my photos, either from events I have shot, or fine art work. Look to the right. There's an image there of a girl on a horse with a grand entry flag. Click and be whisked to that particular set of photos at my smugmug shopping cart.
Or scroll down just a bit farther and see the flower with dew drops? That takes you to the front of that site. Now this is only my shopping cart site. Prices vary and so do availability of sizes, you will have to click on a photo to see its listed price. A professional quality lab will ship directly to you after you order and pay all right there online.
I am continuously updating what is over there. If you see me at an event with my camera and I am not working for the newspaper at that time, it's a good bet the photos will be online for sale.
And if you want notecards of any one image, I can get you a boxed set of professionally printed 5x7 cards.

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