Thursday, November 02, 2006

She's gonna be a star!

Well, that's what her grandpa says! Grandpa's are great for boosting egos, I suppose. But in this case, Erica has the credits to back up his boasting. She's only 14, but Terri Clark better watch out. When Erica first began singing, I really thought it was because she wanted to be like her idol then, Katrina Elam (who by the way, I also photographed when she was about this age).

Oh, two or three years, maybe four, went by, and I heard Erica sing again in a more professional setting for the Greatest Show in the Southwest. WOW! That kid sang Unchained Melody that raised goosebumps on both mine and Rex's arms.
It's been about three or four years since I had a chance to hear or see her. Then I discover she's not the little tomboy I remember.
Watching her interact with younger children, she possesses a maturity not normally found in 14-year-old girls. And she appears a good role model, offering words of encouragement, just like Kat did a few years earlier with her.

The images are from a session we did last week at the "Funny Farm" - a reproduction old western town set, complete with church, blacksmith shop, saloon, general store and props!
Oh, and if you want to know more about Erica, she also is one of the rising stars performing with the Oklahoma Centennial Rodeo Opry. On the title, click for a link to hear her sing! She's number 32 on the jukebox. While you're there, BE SURE to listen to another awesome singer - #2 Laura Gossett! I've done a couple stories on her and have an old photo from years ago, when she sang on request in Duncan High School's principal's office for a group of foreign military officers. I'll have to dig out the NEGATIVE to get a print and scan it in, or maybe just scan in the newspaper of these days.
And be prepared when she sings "I will Always Love You" - a hanky is needed! Such soul.

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