Sunday, November 26, 2006

More baby K.

Talk about ignoring the holiday rush! I love this photo. She's all curled up and for all it matters to her, it could be a raging blizzard outside. It's not often I get a teeny little newborn girl in my studio. They usually are boys, or the newborns don't make it into my studio until they are four weeks or older. Don't wait until they are that old! Call me as soon as you get home from the hospital to book a newborn session before they are 10 days old. They can change dramatically in the first three weeks!
Look at the next photo to see baby K's ballerina pose! She sure knows the importance of stretching! ;-)

And now look at her. She hasn't a care in the world knowing that her daddy will keep her safe.
She is such a beautiful baby and I'm tickled that I got to do her photographs.

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Misty said...

Jason and I just love these... It's amazing how much she has already changed! I'm so glad we did the photos when we did. I urge people to have their childs pictures made as soon as possible. Those are images that you can't get back. I have taken TONS of pictures myself... Don't get me wrong! But these are memories only a PRO can capture!