Monday, November 27, 2006

Sissy is a ham!

Here's Sissy! What a ham! No, make that a DIVA HAM!
I know, how can a weiner dog be a ham?! Well just look at her! She's got that "This is so stupid" look on her face.
She is so cute. As I was moving some props around, one of my tiny yellow bears was on the floor and she went right for it. Well after that, there was no taking it back. She laid claim to that stuffed animal like it was 49'rs gold!
We did everything to try and get her to pose. Including using this basket and a tall stool. She even jumped off it. We couldn't even coax her to pose with her baby K! (see earlier post) But, I think this is a nice image of her. I think she knew though that it really was baby K's session and she was just along for the ride. I love photographing pets! In fact, January is going to be PET MONTH!
Call me now to book your January pet session and you'll get a discount on the session fee!
Oh, she did get to keep the bear!

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