Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chris and Melinda's family

How can one family be so beautiful?! Even the dog, Pepper, rates. The only thing though was Pepper blended in with the black shirts and I didn't notice that until I was processing the images! Still, it was a fun session and Dad (Chris) has loads of personality keeping it all lighthearted. I love this first image where all the girls are just doing their own thing while Melynda and Chris seem totally unaware of the antics behind them!
I punched up the color on most of the images since that really is what autumn is about - lots of bright yellow leaves and deep orange pumpkins (sorry no pumpkins here).
The weather we've been having here in southern Oklahoma is fantastic. I'm hoping it holds out like this for two more weeks for more family outdoor sessions .....
Just a family moment....
again, I had the great opportunity to photograph in the Opera House across the street from my studio. We even snuck the dog in! You can see him if you look closely!

Here's another favorite of mine. It looks great in color too, but I just put up the black and white version.

Thanks Chris and Melinda (gosh I hope I spelled that right, if not, just consider us even for the accidental Y you added to my name!).
I had a great time photographing your family. Hope you enjoy the images!

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