Sunday, November 12, 2006

Session spaces limited!

It looks like I'm booked Thursday and possibly Friday morning (that date is tentively taken). I encourage all of you to book your holiday sessions now and not wait. I'm booked Dec. 2.

I do have a few spaces left for Nov. 25 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving).
My cut-off date for sessions is Dec. 10. That is the absolutely last day I will photograph prior to the holidays. (I say that now, but like last year, I was doing photos two nights before Christmas!)

I know many of you still go to the Big W portrait place and may ask, why should you choose an independent photographer? Well, from what I'm hearing, you are spending just as much $$ with them (my clients tell me they average $150 to $300 for those portraits) and I hear you just aren't happy with them. Those of you who have come to me, thank you! I have such joy in each kid session I do!

If you haven't made the leap from 'cookie cutter' photos to 'pro portraits' you need to consider a personalized holiday session! Especially if you have little kids and you want something other than the ordinary sit and say cheese photo!

Just look at the photos below to get an idea of what I offer!

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