Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun ETSY finds!

Tonight I'm bored. I don't want to do anything and am going to bed after this post, but found some cool things on etsy that I wanted to share with you! Who knows, it might be just what you are looking for. Do you realize that Christmas is less than five months away now? AAAAAAAAAARRGHHH!
So here's some ideas -either for yourself or that really hard to buy for family member or friend!
A vintage Disney radio! Found it at the shop of 'walkingchick'

At BettyNinjafinds

And how many of you remember these? I had one, same color!! I remember laying on the couch on the wooden porch when we moved to Oklahoma (I was pre-teen!) and listening to AM stations during a hot summer night until my mom would make me come in. And we had an old fashion wood frame screen door then. It was the coolest thing. Why? Because we had just moved from San Francisco and out there we were not allowed outside without parents, especially at night. Moving to southern Oklahoma opened up another lifestyle. Smashing watermelons in the street and just eating them without utensils (much to the shock of my mom!) and hide and seek as the sun went down. Just great memories! And sleeping with the window open. Wow, times sure have changed.
I about died when I just found this! I think my mom made this one! hahah! At CollageArtist's etsy shop!
And lookee here....just what everyone needs these days! A pocket picture making manual...teehee!


Anonymous said...

Okay, Toni, the more I read about you the more similar our backgrounds are! I moved to the Midwest from NY as a pre-teen, and have similar memories of being able to be out after dark! As soon as the boys are up, I'll photography an even creeper fabric clown that I think my grandmother may have made!! I'm beginning to think we are "soul" mates!

Toni said...

I'd have to say soul sisters, as I have my soul mate! Ah-ha! Isn't it funny how things like 'fabric clowns' can bring back memories? My mom was older, 50 when she had me and 92 when she died. That's part of the reason I have so many 'old fashion' memories. To think though, the yo-yo items are so 'hot' for collectors! LOL