Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick meal under $25

Avocado, Spinach, Rotini and Ham Salad with Feta Cheese

It used to be we could title such things for under $20, but with the way prices are rising on everything across the board, what could have been made for around $15 to $20 even six months ago, is not true today.
But depending on where you live, shop and what brands you use, it might still be possible.

I didn't just want to post food photos without sharing the recipe on this one. I made this Saturday for my husband, my brother and anyone else in the family who wanted some. That included my youngest son.
My husband probably had a double portion. We like to use platters in our family, so imagine this meal can feed 6 easily. Plus there was some leftover for the next day's lunch.
The idea of this meal is it is filling, quick and healthy.
Oh, did I mention it is delicious?

Your shopping list:
Organic Girl Spinach (the very best!!!)
A bag of Sweet Butter lettuce
3 or 4 avocados - yummy!
2 or 3 tomatoes (everything is general, because you may want more or less depending on how much salad you choose to make)
1 large Vidalia Sweet Onion
1 Box Barilla Rotini pasta (you can leave the pasta out)
A bag of pre-cubed ham
1 can of olives, I used medium pitted Lindsay brand
And the final key ingredient is Feta Cheese, crumbled.
And dressing. I chose Wishbone Robust Italian, my husband prefers Blue Cheese.

As for creating the actual dish. Well, that's up to you. While the pasta is cooking, do all the prep work, slicing and readying your avocados, then tomato and onion. Put your ham cubes and olives into separate bowls so when you get ready to layer the spinach and butter lettuce on your plates or platters, you can just start building your salad. Before adding your feta cheese, it's time to season. Black pepper, salt, garlic salt. Then add your cheese and let everyone pour their own dressings on.
I promise you will love it and feel like you've had a full meal.
If you make this, be sure to post comments! I want to know if this is a hit!

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