Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In a Treasury West at Etsy!

Well, landing in a Treasury does happen more often for me than I ever expected, but it had been awhile since I haven't time to visit etsy lately.

So I was tickled to come home from work today and find this photo in a Treasury West, featured by Maritere at TotArt,, a wonderful collage artist and photographer! Thank you so much!

I love it when the general population likes my work, but even more so when another photographer is inspired. One of the wonderful things is that in turn they inspire you and you make new friends. Be sure to check out TotArt's blog. It's wonderful!
Thank you again! There's a picture here of the one in Treasury, and then the other is a diptych I made in that series. I have several, just too lazy to go resize them for the blog! Enjoy!

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