Saturday, July 19, 2008

Peppers but not pineapple

Of course, lemon water on a 100 degree day is a must!

I saw Rachel Ray grill some fresh pineapple. So I go to Wal-ville and get the very last one they had! I come home and get it ready for dinner. OK, wait, there it is all chopped up and I thought, I need photos for The Photo Trade group over at nectar and light/flickr, so I start shooting and darn if the card didn't fudge up on me and give me reader error, and the photos are 'poof' I guess. So mad!
The photos were awesome!

So tonight, I decide to try again for some interesting shots. This time, it was anaheim peppers stuffed with sharp cheddar cheese and wrapped in maple bacon and put on the grill for quite awhile. Yes, some of the cheese melted out, but the peppers were perfect anyway! While it was outside on the grill under the watchful eye of my husband, I was inside cooking up some delicious portabello mushrooms sauteed in butter and also a pan of blue crab/cream cheese wontons! Oh yes!!
So, while I really wished the pineapple photos had survived, I'm happy with these. Not as much as the pineapple, but oh well.
Oh yes, and the pineapple was awesome with some Ginger Pear dressing on it!
One other tidbit. I hate plastic in my kitchen, but I do have some. Like the plate the peppers were shot on. I love the combination of the blue and green. But give me glass any day.


Daphne said... make even water look good in your pictures!!! Love them-
YOU my friend can do anything with a texture!!!

Toni said...

haha! thanks! but I really used no texture on this last group of photos. Those are all SOOC!