Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Giveaway and Hell's Kitchen!

So I am in the mood for a giveaway. Nothing fancy, just a small 5x7 image from my carnival series. Of course, it is a surprise, but a recent post so that might give you a teeny idea! All you have to do is post why you enjoy visiting my blog and if you like my carnival images! I'll pick someone - you can't post anonymously and you can't be related to me -- but I'll contact you and get your mailing address.

Now on to the really fun part...Hell's Kitchen! This was the first year I watched it, probably because there was no 24 to follow ..don't get me started...but, my husband and even the kids loved it! So I was bummed last week thinking I missed the finale, then discovered by watching it online that tonight was really the finale! Yay! Wow, I was rooting for both of them! Heck of a show. I can easily see P. getting hired on by the Chef at one of the restaurants. And more than likely Corey will become Christina's right hand. Is that just not the coolest! To see two women so stinking competitive from the onset turn into such great teammates and friends?! That's kind of like the photography world, very competitive, yet, in as time goes on and we grow more comfortable with our abilities, those same
competitors' can become our dearest friends!
So here's a big Yay to all my photog friends!

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