Thursday, July 17, 2008

Landscapes I love

In my efforts to organize all aspects of my life, I'm rediscovering some photos I love. Now to find the negatives. This is one of them. I want it HUGE over my bed. Lots of reasons. It's of the White River in NW Arkansas. I love the sunglare, though I'd probably love this image even more if it was shot in very early morning with some fog haze. I love fog! Don't think that I ever disclosed that here. Hah!

But anyway, my husband and I met in Arkansas. This photo was shot on a vacation a few years ago, I think three...when we returned to visit his mom's grave (she's not from there either!) and do some genealogy research on my ancestors who are founders of the NW region there. Of course, when we met, neither of us were 'from Arkansas' and I was totally unaware of my ancestry back then. Though my mom would rather claim anywhere but there. She was born in Benjamin, Texas, lived a time in New Mexico, but then spent most of her life in California. Anyway, if I'm not careful, I'll end up writing a novel here.
Back to the photos, and yes, I've had a glass or two of wine. Yummy! Riesling, something or 'nother.

If you've never been to NW Arkansas, you are missing out on some gorgeous country. Lots of great landscape, history and culture.

Well, enjoy this one. Have more scanning to do.

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