Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog banner POLL

Kind of informal, really ... but, for those who regularly stop by, and those of you new here, look at some of my archive posts and help me choose a banner for my blog. I had a beach one up, but now have up a landscape from my -sky slices- series *yet to be revealed* this one above, it was shot in southern Oklahoma a few years ago.
The big question is this -- should I use one of my food shots from recently (like yummy tomatoes?), a vintage camera artsy image, or maybe just wait until fall really comes in and put something seasonal up? I am going to be whipping up a batch of delightful Halloween cupcakes this weekend, so who knows?
Chime in and let me hear your thoughts!
Meanwhile, here's a couple cat images of my beautiful TwoFace!

1 comment:

flip flops and pearls said...

hmmmm i say GO FOR THE KITTY lol....love your cat!

I really loved some you did of food BUT I really loved the ferris wheel, I know you want different but had to share that :)

I will go look and let you know what "I" would use!!

Hope your well...I hope things slow down soon and I can get back to PROPS before it's time to renew again!! lol