Friday, September 05, 2008

Mexican food yummy!

Today I got off work early and came home to write a story, but spontaneous person that I am, the story was put on hold for a bit. K was headed to the Goodwill, walking distance from our home since we live fairly close to the main strip of the city. I decided it was such a nice day that I'd go with her and baby MM.
Well those last few steps just about did me in! She was rolling from laughter as I shared a story with her that happened in 1992, when my sister and I used to go walking to town. Course, then, we lived in NE Washington and it was a deep snowy winter. My sister was 43. I was 30. Figure the math out now. hhaha! But I used to really give my sister a very hard time about not being in shape and sucking wind at walking 8 blocks to the grocery store.
Today, payback happened. My legs started cramping up on me and I was going up a slight incline. Eegads. It's not like I don't walk all the time, but for some reason, today was not the day.
Goodwill shopping is interesting. You never know what you will see or who you will see. I remember one day I ran into one of the area school's superintendent and his wife in there shopping even!
Today was fairly crazy. Didn't even think about it until after we were there and realized it's the first of the month, so lots of little gray-haired ladies were there and mom's on a tight budget. Wait, budget, that describes EVERYONE in America these days! ha!
If you look hard enough, you can find brand new items, still with the tags. I found some cute brand new items for the little ones. My grandson now has some fantastic shirts for the winter, and my granddaughter, well she has an entire wardrobe after today's adventure.
On the way back, my son had just got off work from next door. He works at a popular Mexican restaurant. So, what do K and I decide to do? Stop at the OTHER one in the mall on the return walk home. My son didn't eat, but did try a Strawberry margarita. All I wanted was their frozen Margarita. Oh yes! I had steak fajitas. But when they brought out the nacho chips and guacamole, little miss mm decided it was also her lunchtime. That baby loved that guacamole! I wished I had taken my camera. It was quite fun. Especially after my son and I set up K. and the cooks and waitresses came over and serenaded her in spanish for her birthday. Last year, she was stuck in the hospital after giving birth to miss mm, so we wanted to do something fun for her this time around.
She got so embarrassed and was not realizing what was going on until we told her. She loved it! But, while the spanish music was playing overhead and little miss mm loved that, she did NOT care for the actual singers. So they had to stop quickly! LOL

After that, we came home and I had all intentions of writing my story but ended up taking a nap! aaack! It was not the alcohol, I assure you. My legs were numb! hahah!
I did finally get my story finished and emailed.

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