Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Found this through the site. The documentary is 7 Days in September. It's 94 minutes in length and done extremely well. Much of it may seem familiar to you, but there was so much of it that I never knew or saw on TV that was heartwarming to watch. And there was footage that stirred up old emotions from 7 years ago. I remember being in the newsroom at the time it happened and it's odd, but I can remember that entire day just like a movie reel. I can remember whose phone rang when, us turning on the TV, me calling my kid's school, and so much more. I remember getting home that night and checking my e-mails for the NPPA web group and discovering that photographers had died also, that were on the group and many other moments.
Just now I went to set something on my dining room table and an article dated Sept. 20, 2001, was laying there. I had written it and another one and guess it had fallen out of a book or box recently. The article and some framed photos were all that is on the table tonight. I picked up the article and realized what it was. "Red Cross duo bound for NY" and the other one dated Nov. 12, 2001 - To Hell and Back: Local nurse recounts indescribable Ground Zero scene.
Just makes you stop for a moment and reflect on so much.

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