Friday, September 12, 2008

Some old favorites

Like I don't have anything better to do...

I went through my blog archives of 2007 and here's a bunch of my favorites. Mostly from sessions, but a couple others that caught my eye. Don't have a clue why I'm doing this! I have other things I could be doing, but at 1:30 a.m. after spending most of the evening writing a very long story for the paper, mindless blog tasks can be a great way to move from one matter to another. Of course, this first photo has a lot to do with my evening. I wrote a story that will be published in the paper. If you want to know more about the background of this photo, visit my blog archive February 2007.

This next one is definitely a major favorite of mine. Mostly because it's her mom's favorite! This image has won H. five photogenic competitions in modeling pageants!

And who wouldn't love this shot? While this was for a Fourth of July session, it's a great shot anytime of the year! If you ever want something like this, just let me know! My flag is one of those items I keep near by all the time.

And I love this shot because it is such a tender moment of this young family! Look at baby K's hint of a smile!

Allright, these next couple are my all time favorites posted on my blog. Well, for Christmas shots anyway. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact they are my grandbabies! And I love the teacup shot! The images were the first 'family' shots taken in my new home last December. Not too bad, considering everything was still in boxes and my studio lights were not working and these were shot at night. Thank goodness for Lightsphere II!

And this one, from my old studio, is another favorite. Again, if you have a baby and want a photo like this, please let me know right away. I'm booking for Christmas sessions, but very limited basis.

Here's my daughter-in-law and her son at his six-month session. I love moments like this. Nothing fancy, just a timeless portrait.

Another daughter-something or another...LOL (I know she's reading this, have to tease her! Luv ya kiddo!) But granted, my focus on this was off, but I love the simplicity of it and the way the light shines on them. Is this baby just not the sweetest with those cheeks?!!

I mean,really....

And here's Mister little man, as his mom calls him. He got that sucker and was having so much fun. His daddy scolded me. But, you know, grandmas can do such things!

From November 2007, a cruise ship wedding! Sure, more of MY nephew and his second marriage. Beautiful moment. And look at his children, how sweet they are being! 30 minutes before this though, total chaos. haha!

Some adorable girls of all ages!

Love his blue eyes! This was his first birthday session. His mom and I used to work together at the newspaper. She drove down from Tulsa and I had such a blast in this private acreage shooting their photos. Probably one of my best outdoor sessions.

And some boys..gotta have J's football shot. I love shooting seniors. So fun and always willing to try crazy ideas. It's an old one of course, but since it's football time, why not?!

OK, that's all, though as I looked through the year, there were so many I loved and many more that I never posted.
I'm just slightly inspired to do some more sessions -- in October!!! Leaves will be changing, crisp dry air, awww..I love autumn!

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