Saturday, November 28, 2009

Curb appeal or Porch pretty

I really like driving around town and seeing what people do with their homes during the holidays. This is a nice place. I wonder if a home like this has big rooms or small rooms.

and closer:

I'd guess small, since that seems to be the case here in Oklahoma with older homes. I must say I'm fortunate that my home, while it lacks a lot of elegance on the outside and looks small, when you walk in the door, the space is incredible. Believe me, I've had several people come by and they are amazed when they step into my home. I've started decorating my dining room for Christmas. I'll post some photos in a week or so after that room is complete. For now though, my house is upside down with tubs and tons of holiday stuff strewn about as I make my way through it in deciding how to decorate. The first year, we moved in with only days to Christmas, so we didn't do much. Last year, it just seemed sparse. So I've been collecting goodies so that my home just sparkles with Christmas for the little ones this year.
If you have posted photos of your holiday home on your blog, let me know!

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