Thursday, November 05, 2009

Springtree Road cards!

I love the photography on springtree road blog. This month is black and white over there, click on the link to the right when you finish here. I visited her etsy shop on Sunday and found these lovely cards.
Why do I like them?
1. colors! love red and blue!
2. subject matter. I don't 'yarn' around, but my mom did.
3. children's chair..I have a few!
4. and I just love cards from other photographers.
I have an etsy shop and pretty much after expenses I take my profits and put it right back into etsy by spending it in other etsy shops. I've managed to get some nice photography and other items. It's nice to have something on my walls besides just my own stuff!
But now I'm broke, so I need some more etsy sales so I can spend more on etsy!

1 comment:

maya | springtree road said...

love it that we have that same duaflex! :) and i'm so happy you love your cards.