Thursday, November 12, 2009

Roscoe's one cool dog!

I went out to Comanche cemetery to do a feature for the Sunday lifestyles section and here was this adorable dog, Roscoe. I haven't seen one just like him since I was a child, when my Uncle Arthur had one in the 1960s. I remember my mom talking about that dog quite a bit and I've got a photo somewhere of Arthur and his dog.
So anyway, Roscoe became my new best friend while I was out there. At one point, I bent down to pull a sticker off my pants leg and he startled me by climbing up my back and getting on my shoulders! I laughed so hard. He jumped down when I stood up, then he grabbed my pants leg and wanted to play tug-of-war.

Well when I had to take a photo of the people there, he got behind me and started barking furiously. Something behind me had spooked him and he almost acted like he was guarding me from 'whatever' it was out there. We all looked to see if maybe there was a squirrel or vulture, but there was nothing and he was sure defensive. After a few moments, I'll admit that I thought maybe a bad spirit was there. Then when one of the people there, who also has a bulldog, but female, she wasn't there, but they said she also acted like that right there the other day. So that confirms enough for me. I don't think I'll go to that cemetery alone or at night. And I've never been bothered by cemeteries, but if a dog is showing some agitation, something's not right, that's all I'm saying! Hah!

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