Saturday, November 28, 2009

Go Dog Go!

This dog made me think of Tip from the primer readers I learned to read in. Sally, Dick, Jane, Tip and Mitten..I still have several of my childhood books. Sally and Tip were my favorites. The primers got a bad rap, IMO. So did phonics. Supposedly, children struggled to learn how to read and the books were unrealistic. Really now? I learned before I was 3 to read from those books. And by the time I was in kindergarten, I was reading ahead of first- and second-graders.

Of course, I had the advantage since my mom was a teacher. What I'm saying is that now I write for a living, have always loved to read, so how can the primers be 'that bad!?'
As for the photo, he was in the back of his owner's bike in the Paseo Arts District in OKC. Just too cute to pass by. And yes, he was getting ready to "Go dog, go!"

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