Monday, October 30, 2006

Romantic details .. photojournalistic style

You've heard the phrase before - Photojournalistic style...but do you really know what it means? Some photographers will never have that style, because they simply don't know what it really means. My years in the news industry give me that edge over many other photographers in this part of the state. That's not meant to be a bragging comment. Far from it! While you think I'm just there shooting happily away, that's not the case! My mind is in constant overdrive. You'll find out after you finish reading this post. For now, I want you to think about what happens AFTER your wedding ... just a few weeks down the road when you get your digital images, either by viewing online or on a CD.
The proofs are only the beginning. It's time for some fun!
After all, you just spent a year planning your wedding. Do you really expect to have a custom designed album in two weeks?
While you may be looking at the proofs and just seeing each image, in its less than glorious state, your photographer sees each image as a base upon which to create their art!
*But, that doesn't usually come in the price of the wedding shoot services. Designing an album is an entirely separate project and therefore, fee.*

Each wedding album is unique, just as your wedding was. For a photographer, the creation of an album is probably one of the most challenging tasks, but, I know for me, it's also the most fun!
This ad I created tonight is a trio of images. While the bride's dress was white, I shot the detail of the beading without harsh flash. The warmness of this image really highlights the romance of the evening wedding.
Another reason I love this ad design is the story behind it. The bride's mom shared with me the difficulty her daughter and her had in finding just the right dress. One dress store staff was extremely rude, causing the bride to leave in tears. No one should ever have to go through that as they prepare for one of the most important days of their life!
You see, the bride wasn't just a bride. She was a BIG BEAUTIFUL harm in saying that! She was beautiful. Plus, she has the personality to match the beauty.
My gosh, there are hundreds of Web sites out there catering just to brides who aren't a size 2 (thank goodness!) She didn't realize this when she started her search for the perfect dress.
BUT, a happy ending was in place. The staff at alfred angelo bridal company in Oklahoma City knew exactly how to offer customer service.
Why am I sharing this story with you? Because I believe a wedding is more than just pictures in a proof book!
Had the bride's mother never shared the story with me, I would never have thought to put together this layout.
That's part of the fun in photographing images and creating an album.
The mother probably never imagined I was really listening as she related the story. But, years as a reporter, editor and photographer have helped me hone my skills. I feel blessed these days to be able to use those skills to bring your wonderful stories to light through the use of artful images.
And this is one artful image that I also see as the cover design for that lasting album -- photojournalistic style!

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