Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mya and the donut

First, let me say, the donut addition was so not my idea! It was her mom's. My poor grandchild will have a complex. Wearing a onesie that has F.B.I. and an impromptu photo shoot holding a donut. Ack! The F.B.I. is fat, bald and innocent. She's not bald! So add that to the complex that I hope we can avoid in later years.
All in all, it was fun. Just seeing the look on her face when the donut made her hand sticky was worth it. Yesterday it was the cheese puff I gave her. I don't think she likes 'stuff' on her hands at first until she figures out it's washable.
I can't figure out if I like the color or the black and white version better. I shot in two formats (RAW and Jpg) for those who understand, and so the tone is off on color on some. I love shooting RAW, don't know what possessed me to play stupid with the auto mode.

On the bw, the background is Bohemian Retrodiva paper from digital scrapbooking. I'm a fiend when it comes to that stuff and need to use it more. So this was an attempt.
Which one do you like? Color or B/W?

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