Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday mornings

I enjoy fresh made coffee, toast and preserves or jam..various flavors. Yes today is Friday, but this is to spur you into action for tomorrow morning! Most every other day of the week I grab a fast Starbucks Frapp in the bottle, coffee flavor, and just go.
Oh and I have such an obsession with coffee cups and glassware. I have way too many. I think when we moved I can remember packing a couple boxes worth of just cups! Yes, seriously. I mean, there's the cup my husband and I got with my name on it in Reno when we were young. A few saved ones from my mom's (white Fire King) collection that she used when I was a kid, the cup my youngest son gave me for Mother's Day one year, oh, my Creative Memories mug when I was a CM consultant ... then there's the ones I keep finding now to do fun food and beverage photos with. Oh yes, there's also the San Francisco vintage mug that I use as a pencil holder. I was born there. So, you see, I've only hit on a few. So yes, an obsession.

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