Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol thoughts

I decided it was time for another AI post. Somewhere along the way, I decided I like Syesha. Actually, I was reminded tonight that she was one of my audition favorites, but then, with, first and foremost - David Cook, Carly, Michael Johns and Kristy and Brooke, Syesha ended up taking a back seat on my AI page. Tonight I was reminded of why I liked her. And she definitely went out the right way tonight - with lots of class. Watching the top 3 return to their hometowns is always fun and tonight was no exception. It was especially heartwarming to see David Cook and his brother in the parade. And why did I like Syesha to begin and end with? That interview clip of her father with her in the very beginning. Just real people. But still, I never would have picked her for the top 3. And sorry, I'm still not a big DA fan. He's OK, but David Cook gets my vote ... yes, I lost count of how many times I called to cast a vote.
Oh, and did you catch the look on Simon Cowell's face when Fantasia was performing! Priceless! So, just one more week!
OH and I also got to catch the last episode of ANTM tonight. Didn't get to watch but it and one show all year. I think they made a good choice. I always enjoy watching the photo shoots.
Now I'm off to surf some of my favorite blogs before storms roll in. The rain has already begun.

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