Monday, May 26, 2008

Favorite wedding revisited!

I had a lot of fun shooting weddings last year, but I'd have to say this pair wins hands down for my favorite couple, wedding and photos! Christian and Laurie made my trip to Florida so enjoyable last November. Though it was a 'working' trip so to speak, they are family and I know many photographers would run screaming the other way than shoot a family member's wedding. Not me! In fact, I would probably still be doing weddings this year IF, and a big IF here, all the couples and brides were as wonderful as my nephew and his wife. Nothing bridezilla about this, not even afterwards. Not demanding. Not criticizing. Nothing negative. That's what I love! They were just so happy to have someone (me!) shoot their wedding that they are still oohing and ahhing. I called Laurie today to tell her I am testing a new program processing photos and am going back using theirs as the sample and so here's a few of those. Her reaction was so sweet! She got so tickled! Laurie, you are the best!
Now, I may one day go back to doing weddings, but be forewarned all of you couples seeking a photographer. My rates won't be what they once were. No, of course they won't be comparable to David Jay or becker either as they are such rock stars when it comes to wedding photography. I'd have to say my most favorite photographers to watch is the TriCoast team from Texas! Mike Fulton rocks!! And he's nice! Course, I haven't had a chance to meet him yet, but via email and forums, always generously helpful!
OK, so here's some shots for Christian and Laurie!

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