Sunday, May 04, 2008

My walls and M's paparrazi moment

Months and I do mean, MONTHS ago, as in last year months, I bought some notecards from Bueller Designs. Fell in love with her work, her blog, just awesome. But then I moved, packed away everything and could not find my cards. Finally I discovered them and thought about how I wanted to display them. Originally I was going to put them in 8x8 frames with 5x5 mats. But no sooner did I get that idea in my head, Wal-mart discontinues the frames (they tend to do that with all the frames I really like - I have some platinum type frames that I started buying for a huge wall display I was going to create. Course, I couldn't just go out and buy them all at once, but the second time around I went to buy a few, yes, gone!)
Well, so here are these three little images and I want them to make a dramatic statement. So, what better way then to repurpose a frame I had hanging in my studio with a huge photo then to put a piece of red poster board in the background and then add the images. It's a 16x20 frame and don't these images just POP! It's hanging in my hallway. Everyone who has seen it has really liked it.

And being in the Polaroid mood, I have two of my favorite shots of recent of little MM displayed over my desk. Again, just because the image and mat may not work with the intended image, you can be creative and try something new.

Oh and I played Paparrazi Grandma yesterday at the popular hip boutique Ooh La La and here's a couple shots from there. Grainy, some slightly out of focus, but still precious!


Ana said...

Love that framing idea...and the bonus kiddie pics!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really like Bueller Designs blog, too...some really fun posts!

Bueller said...

Hi Toni! Thanks for the wonderful tribute. I love what you did with my cards. They look fabulous!! You are so clever. I also love your new blog layout. The colors are fantastic!!

Be well

Christy said...

hey toni i like the baby pictures they are too cute!!! btw i tagged you in my blog!! check it out!