Saturday, May 10, 2008

fun with senior photos

Seniors are so much fun to have sessions with! When I had my studio, I spent most of the time photographing newborns and little ones. And I love kids, but seniors just make it so easy. I think what I really love about senior sessions is the ability to play with the images using textures and blends to come up with something that is truly unique for their portfolio and wallets. Sure, not many moms would want the X-treme for a wall portrait, but if you have an artistic edge, then one of my creations might be just the thing. I never know what I'll end up when working on the images. Like Morgan's session. I'm finishing up her images and having a blast! You'll see here that I have one session that I took a more toned down approach in the final step. Of course, I didn't do this to all her photos, just a few that screamed for attention, the ones that really just say "I'm Morgan. I'm having fun. And I'm graduating!"

Oh and the toni-photos. the blog. == just something I'm playing with. I'm thinking about making my blog browser address to read toniphotos. It's quicker to type in, but so many have photographybytoni bookmarked, so I don't know. Meanwhile, I'll probably just have it on a few photos while I ponder this.
Enjoy the photos, post a comment, tell me if you like them or not! That way I can come visit your blog!


Toni said...

From Kari, via e-mail:
Hey, Toni!

Thank you SOOO much! Everyone that has seen the pics of Morgan (the ones that we have already, anyway!) are SO impressed. They all agree that you are very talented.

I can't wait to see the new shots...and graduation is next weekend, May 16th!

Thanks again,
and I'll be calling you in the fall for some family shots!'

Take care & God bless!

Daphne said...

I so love your stuff!