Saturday, May 03, 2008

Beautiful day!

OK, you probably are wondering where everything went? Me too! Actually, I wanted a new background and thanks to Daphne Jerkins, I was able to get a cool new template for my blogger. But then it deleted everything except for posts and archives. So, I'm slowly adding the goodies back on the sides. But don't you just love it! I do! There was a really cool brown one, but then that meant more work as my header would not have looked right on it. So, this is it for now.
And here's a flower art piece I've created this morning. This photo I originally shot in 2005 when I first started doing digital work. I then used layers of textures and painting on it for this final colorful version! I also created a soft version that I've added here with it. Which is your favorite?

Oh and if you haven't watched Morgan's senior slideshow, do, it's fun! I had a blast doing your session Morgan! Thanks! There's two versions below.


Daphne said...

Love the new background Toni!!!
Your PP on these are awesome. Is that a texture? I need a tutorial :)

Pam Steinke said...

The template is gorgeous!!! So are your photos!!!